Happy Halloween (and more church musings)

Happy Halloween!

I’m pretty happy with how the fraggle costume turned out. A depressingly large number of people don’t seem to know what a fraggle is, but I suppose that’s what happens when college kids now-a-days were born in the 90s.

It was pretty much guaranteed to be a self fulfilling prophecy when I said a few posts ago that I probably wouldn’t be starting my “atheist in church” adventure yesterday. As expected, I consumed far too much punch and Waffle House on Saturday night to even think about getting up early on Sunday morning.

I’ve had some interesting conversations recently around people’s experiences in different Christian denominations as they were growing up. I always thought I had a pretty good grasp on what the word “Christian” entails from my Church of Christ upbringing, but now I’m beginning to see that isn’t exactly true. It’s becoming clear that CofC is seen an oddity by most, and things I think are crazy strange are surprisingly common occurrences in other churches. I’m really fascinated by the differences I’m hearing about, so hopefully I’m going to start my atheist in church experiment this coming Sunday.

In the mean time, tonight is Rocky Horror! I can’t wait to throw rice and toast at people!

I’m starting a list of churches to visit:
-2nd Baptist
-Booger Hollow Tabernacle
-Russellville First Assembly
-Mormon Church
-Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall
-Crusade Church

Right now it’s mostly places that sound really really different from CofC, and therefore really fascinating. One is also a special request. I’m open to suggestions- where do you want me to go? Also, I’m looking for church going companions, if anyone’s interested in joining me!


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Crazy cat lady extraordinaire, liberal, atheist, feminist, vegetarian, engineering student with an art degree. Essential Everyday Pineapple is just a phrase from a random word generator that had a nice ring to it. What? Blog names are tough.
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4 Responses to Happy Halloween (and more church musings)

  1. Amelia says:

    You could always go to a Catholic mass, if you’ve never been before. There’s St. John’s on Main, or the little collegiate (and slightly less formal) version, St. Leo’s, over near the football stadium.

  2. You should also check out All Saints Episcopal (Sarah Busch, Ginny Hudson, few other Tech people went/grew up there) and it’s definitely interesting. Couldn’t give you direction to save my life though, just know how to drive there lol. I grew up Southern Baptist (Hellfire and Brimstone!) and quit church briefly while in Russellville. I’ve now settled quite nicely in the Methodist church…much more liberal and all about love and forgiveness of sin. Plus our church has contemporary services which means jeans and services starting as late as 11 🙂 Of course I can understand not wanting to drive all the way to North Little Rock for church 😛 Have fun (and I hope some of these church don’t scare you…pentecostals always kinda did me :-S)!

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  4. Brad Morgan says:

    You can come visit my church. LifeStone Church. Its Southern Baptist. I would say its not like most of the SBC churches around around so if youre wanting a more traditional/fundamental church it wont be LifeStone. We have discipleship (some people call it Sunday School) at 10 and service starts at 11:15. I preach sometimes so that could be cool. Anyway, you know where I work if you want more info!

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