I See What You Did There, Sir

It’s only the second full week of school, and I’m tired already. Taking 8 hours- Calculus II and Chemistry I to be more specific- and working 40 hours a week is exhausting! Both professors are heavy handed with the homework, and I should be studying now instead of writing this. However, I have a brief vignette from my day to share with you.

The lab for my chemistry class met today, and we had to find lab partners and do a quick graphing exercise. How does one choose lab partners amongst strangers? I need an application process or something, because today’s strategy of “walk up to the first person who looks like they know what they’re doing” was a mistake. Said person’s buddies all joined him shortly thereafter, and I now have 5 male lab partners. One of them talked down to me like I didn’t know what I was doing, 3 of them completely ignored me during the lab, but then a couple of them were copying my answers at the end of the lab. Seriously? Treat me like I’m dumb, then use my answers? Le sigh. (One of them did talk to me like I was human, and that was nice.)

Anyone have any advice on how to prove myself to these boys and get a little respect without getting taken advantage of in this class?




About Essential Everyday Pineapple

Crazy cat lady extraordinaire, liberal, atheist, feminist, vegetarian, engineering student with an art degree. Essential Everyday Pineapple is just a phrase from a random word generator that had a nice ring to it. What? Blog names are tough.
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3 Responses to I See What You Did There, Sir

  1. Voice your opinion, stand your ground, tell them to stop cheating, and be strong!

  2. Shawna says:

    Make them feel stupid.

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