A 3 Glass Rant

Let me preface this post with a disclaimer: I’ve had 3 glasses of wine in the last hour. I apologize if the ensuing words don’t make a damn bit of sense.

First, I have a question– why do people put such a little amount of wine in wine glasses? They’re HUGE and I personally think it’s a wasteful of the glass used to make the wine glass not to fill it all the way. So, uh, an addendum to my disclaimer: they were 3 really big glasses.

Now, why I started drinking on a Thursday night  when I had actually planned on coming home and studying: health insurance. When I got home from work, I checked my mail box and found bills, one of which was from the clinic where I get my allergy shots. I expected it to be no big deal; under $5 for sure since my allergy shots only cost me $1.83 each. Nope! For some reason, I was being billed $12.23 per shot. Huh? So I called my insurance provider to ask why.

Here’s a little background: my employer recently changed our insurance provider.
Our old provider covered allergy shots at 85% of allowable charges, so that broke down to:
*The clinic tried to charge $24 per shot
*Insurance said, “We don’t think so, you actually only charge $12.23 per shot.”
*Insurance paid 85% of that; I paid $1.83.

The new provider? They treat allergy shots like a regular doctor’s visit, subject to the $20 copay to see a doctor. Therefore, I have to pay the full $12.23 for each allergy shot since they don’t start paying until things cost more than $20. So even though I only see a nurse for about 45 seconds to get the injection, I owe $12.23. Feel free to check my math here, but that’s $978.40 per hour!

Not going to lie to you- I cried when I found out that my allergy shots went up about 660%. I hung up with the insurance company, then laid on the floor and bawled, then starting drinking. Before I went to an allergist (last February actually- happy allergy-shot-iversary to me) I would get sick at least 4 times a year. Every time the seasons changed, without fail, I would have a huge allergy attack and come down with miserable congestion, runny nose, cough, lethargy, etc. Sometimes it would happen randomly and I was probably sick with cold-like symptoms more often than not.

Then I went to an allergist, had a full allergy test done, and learned that I’m allergic to freaking everything- grass, trees, pollen, mold, corn, chocolate, cats, dust mites, among other things. I started taking Allegra D, 2 types of nasal sprays, and allergy shots, and my life changed. I could breathe! I could smell things! I didn’t get sick for an entire year! (I actually did come down with cold-like symptoms this last week, but I’m willing to bet I was for real sick with a bug, not just allergies)

And they’re taking that away from me! Well, actually, they’ve been trying to take that away from me for a while now- at some point last year, the old provider stopped covering my Allegra D when it went OTC (I cried when my pharmacist broke that sad news to me, too). My cost went from $5 a month to $60, so I stopped taking that. Then when we switched providers, my cost-per-paycheck-to-have-insurance went up about $15/m. Now my cost per allergy shot is going up from about $3.50/mo to about $24/mo so I’m probably going to stop doing those too. For a little perspective, I make a little less than $1o.50/hour. HOW DO PEOPLE AFFORD BASIC MEDICAL CARE?!?!?!?!?!

Oh- and I currently have an unpaid bill from when I recently ordered a refill of my allergy extract (that’s the stuff they inject you with during allergy shots). I have to pay for allergy extract that I’m probably never going to use, and that shiz ain’t cheap either!

Aaaaannnnd, that’s my sob story. Not sure why I thought that was worthy of a blog post, but I do feel better- probably due to some combination of airing my frustrations, the wine, and listening to crappy dance music.


About Essential Everyday Pineapple

Crazy cat lady extraordinaire, liberal, atheist, feminist, vegetarian, engineering student with an art degree. Essential Everyday Pineapple is just a phrase from a random word generator that had a nice ring to it. What? Blog names are tough.
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4 Responses to A 3 Glass Rant

  1. Shawna Elise says:

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only person with debilitating allergies. Sounds like you have also spent a good portion of your life lying on the couch/bed all day with a growing mountain of tissues on the floor and 5 different meds in your system waiting for one to work, when you know full well they won’t. Misery loves company. Haha.

  2. Lisa Napier says:

    I had a similar experience recently with my BC. I get every side effect of every pill, so I can’t just take the cheap basic stuff. I had gotten used to the idea of paying $40/month to make sure I didn’t have a kid, and then, the cost of my Rx co-pay went up. I started using a coupon my doctor gave me, which helped more than my insurance. Then THAT ran out, and I found out in the Walgreen’s drive thru. It was now $80 for a freaking ring. I started crying and ranting to my BF. Luckily, we had already become domestic partners and I was just waiting for my insurance through him (which is through the city).

    Then, I developed another ulcer on my cornea, and even with my new coverage, they considered each follow-up a visit, so I had to pay the co-pay 4 times. But I am so thankful that my meds (3 little tiny bottles of drops) only cost $100. With insurance. I hate to think if I were still freelancing as my main source of income…..>,< We have a long way to go before people don't have to worry about affording medical care….

  3. Lisa,
    Domestic partners can get on each other’s insurance up there? I need to GTFO of Arkansas!

  4. Domestic partners can get coverage as long as the company will allow the endorsement.

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