Exodus 36-38

Chapter 36- The people brought so many offerings that Moses had more than he needed to build the tabernacle, so he told them to stop bringing things. The artisans construct the tabernacle according to the instructions God provided.

Earlier in this Bible-reading project, I probably would’ve taken the time to meticulously compare how the tabernacle was built with the instructions God gave in an earlier chapter to ensure everything is up to snuff. Today though, I don’t care enough to check. Nobody has been struck dead yet, so I assume God was happy with the work, and that’s good enough for me.

Chapter 37- The ark, bowls, lamp stand, incense altar, oil, and incense are made.

This is seriously boring reading. I’m beginning to remember why I gave up last time I tried to read the Bible straight through.

Chapter 38- The altar for burnt offerings, the washing bowl, and the courtyard around the tabernacle are made. An accounting is given for how much gold, silver and bronze were used.

I think I should re-name this from “An Atheist Reads the Bible” to “An Atheist Reads the Bible so you don’t have to.”  You’re welcome.

Tomorrow will be the last installment of Exodus, then we’re on to Leviticus, where God’s rules get downright strange.



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