Exodus 39-40

Sorry for my absence yesterday. I went on an awesome kayak trip, drank lots of beer, then spent my evening watching Sherlock and reading a Stephen Hawking book. T’was a fantastic day, and I don’t feel like I missed anything by skipping my bible reading.

(For those that wonder how atheists can be happy without God- sunshine, beer, Steven Moffat tv shows, and science! That’s how!)

But, I do have a schedule to keep, so I guess you’ll get two posts today. Lucky you!

Chapter 39- The artisans make the garments for Aaron and his brothers. They bring everything they’ve made for the tabernacle to Moses, who approves of the work and blessed the artisans.

The only thing I noticed here was that God commanded that the Urim and Thummim be placed in Aaron’s breastplate back in chapter 28, but that wasn’t mentioned as being done here. But, since Moses approved the work, and God didn’t smite anyone, I guess it’s all okay.

Chapter 40- God tells Moses to set up the tabernacle on the first day of the first month, and tells him where to place everything. Moses does it. God enters the tabernacle. The Israelites can only travel when God’s cloud isn’t resting over the tabernacle. If it’s there, they stay put.

Yay! We’re done with Exodus! For a book that started off so exciting- murdering babies, and God sending plagues, and drowning Egyptians- it sure ended on a boring note. The book could have been 5 chapters shorter by just saying “Please refer to chapters 25-31. What God said to do, they did.”

Alrighty, folks. On to Leviticus!



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