Leviticus 22-23

Chapter 22- The priests may not touch holy things if they have done something to become unclean. Instructions as to who may eat holy offerings. Instructions against using imperfect animals as offerings.

There really isn’t anything in this chapter we haven’t heard before. The bible is a masterpiece of repetition.

Chapter 23- Instructions for various observances, such as the Sabbath, the feast of the firstfruits, and the feast of the tabernacle.

This is more stuff we’ve heard about before, but a bit more detail is given this time.
It kinda feels like the bible was complied by a semi- incompetent file clerk. Like, this bit of parchment talks about laws for feasts and offerings, so let’s stick it in the Leviticus file folder- but some pages that talk about similar things got shuffled around and don’t appear consecutively. Maybe the book of Leviticus was neatly organized, but somebody dropped the stack of papers, and they got re-stacked a little out of order.

Or maybe God just likes to hear himself talk.


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