The Fastest Way To Become An Atheist Is To Read The Bible?

There is a saying that “the fastest way to become an atheist is to read the Bible.” I would have to disagree that it’s the fastest way, because it’s a long, slow, boring read. 

But, I can say that the questions I had about the Bible started me on my journey to becoming and atheist, and this Bible reading adventure is having the effect of making me even happier to be one.


I don’t feel bound by these bronze age myths asking me to accept that I am inferior for being a woman, or that I should fight against homosexual relationships. I don’t have to rationalize why some omniscient being used to be okay with slavery, but now isn’t.  I can make moral decisions based on how they effect real human beings, not based on what some old book says some deity wants. I don’t have to avoid asking questions for fear of angering my religious leaders. I can accept scientific findings based on evidence without worrying about how they contradict the “facts” written down by ancient people who didn’t understand science. I don’t live in fear of hell.

Image People sometimes ask how atheists can be happy without God. That seems like such a silly question to me. I am happier now that I am free from religion, and reading the Bible is reminding me why.



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Crazy cat lady extraordinaire, liberal, atheist, feminist, vegetarian, engineering student with an art degree. Essential Everyday Pineapple is just a phrase from a random word generator that had a nice ring to it. What? Blog names are tough.
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3 Responses to The Fastest Way To Become An Atheist Is To Read The Bible?

  1. georgianna13 says:

    so well put! Welldone!

  2. SKWills says:

    You say Reading the Bible made you happier to be an Atheist, but I have to question if you actually did. All you dd in this post was trot out the same old claims about women being inferior or calling the Bible a collection of Bronze Aged Myths, so I don’t really see how this reflects you understanding the actual Bible.

    In fact, it looks like you just want credibility when you bash Christians.

    The Bible wasn’t composed in The Bronez Age, and women are not called Inferior in he Bible, for example. And Slavery in the Ancient World was both common and a different institution to Chattel Slavery modern Americans understand. And I’ve already heard that this is me being a Slavery Apologist and I’m wrong as its still slavery. ut you know what, I studied History and have read the Bible. All you do is read Atheist websites that feed you lies so you can make yourself feel empowered.

    You aren’t really Rational and you don’t Think for yourself. In fact, even the Freedom to ask questions without Fear of your Religious Leaders part isn’t True, as modern day Atheism is as much a Religion as Christianity is. And don’t tel me it snot a Religion, its a lack of belief in a god. Not only is Atheism not a lack of belief in a god, its a beleif, but your own post is filled with talking points and dogmas we keep hearing repeated. Modern day Atheism has its own narratives and beliefs you are expected, even required to hold to.

    And I’ve seen what happens when you don’t. I’ve seen what happened to Roaming Millennial for example. I’ve also seen less well known Atheist being attacked when they say something that isn’t popular in the Atheist Community or that contradicts its tennets.

    Atheists live in Fear of the leadership in the Atheism Community and the Atheism Community as a whole, and seek its acceptance.

    And yes you have leaders, like Matt DIlahunty and RIchard Dawkins. And no, they aren’t just peopel you like listening to and happen to agree with. They literally tell you what to Think. I know, I see Matt Dilahunty and Richard Dawkins arguments repeated, sometimes Verbatim.

    So lets drop the act. Reading The Bible doesn’t convert people to Atheism and you didn’t rally read it yourself, all you did was copy other peoples opinions about it.

    Its just a ruse really.

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