An Update

As you may have noticed, I did not return to Bible blogging last Thursday. The feedback I got regarding the hiatus was overwhelmingly, “Your take on the Bible is interesting, but why put yourself through that?”

Wise advice from my trusted friends and advisers, I think. So the “Atheist Reads the Bible” project is on permanent hold for now. I did have someone suggest that I approach it a whole book at a time and give a more general overview, which is an idea I may eventually circle back around to. But not yet.

I’m really enjoying not reading the Bible. It gives me a whole extra hour every day for the important things, like sleep, Netflix, and cuddling with cats!


About Essential Everyday Pineapple

Crazy cat lady extraordinaire, liberal, atheist, feminist, vegetarian, engineering student with an art degree. Essential Everyday Pineapple is just a phrase from a random word generator that had a nice ring to it. What? Blog names are tough.
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