1st Samuel 28-31

Chapter 28- The Philistines decide to go to war against Israel. Achish makes David one of his chief guardians. Saul is afraid since he knows God has departed from him, and none of the prophets have been able to tell him what will happen. Saul has banished all mediums from the land, but he is able to locate one and he  goes to visit her. She brings up Samuel’s spirit. Samuel tells Saul that Israel is going to lose to the Philistines, and that Saul will die. Saul is distressed.

I find it interesting that David is going to fight for the Philistines. I know he’s the future king of the Israelites, but teaming up with the Philistines to accomplish that goal feels a little dirty to me.

The story of Saul going to a medium reminds me a lot of the show Merlin. Saul/Uther banish mediums/magic, but when shit hits the fan, they’re both willing to break their own rules. Such hypocrisy.


Also, did the Bible really just admit that mediums are actually effective? That we really can communicate with the dead? My religious upbringing taught me the exact opposite, and so I’m more than a little surprised to find this in the Bible. 

Chapter 29- The other Philistine commanders aren’t happy that David and his men are taking part in their fight against the Hebrews. They think he will switch sides mid-battle, so they demand that Achish send David home. David protests, but eventually goes. 

Wise men. I still don’t see this David/Achish alliance working out well for Achish.

Chapter 30-When David and his men get home, they find that their city has been attacked by Amelekites, their homes have been burned, and their families taken captive. David finds an Egyptian servant who had been abandoned by the Amelekites in a field, who agrees to lead them to where the army is camped. David kills them and steals their stuff/families back, as well as taking some spoils of war. The men who fought with David didn’t want to share the spoils with those who were too sickly to fight, but David forces them to.

Giving livestock to people who didn’t earn it? SOCIALISM!!!!!

Chapter 31- The Philistines kill a whole bunch of Israelites, including Saul’s son Jonathan, and wound Saul. Saul commits suicide so as to not die at the hands of “uncircumcised men.” The Philistines display his body on a wall, but some people come and steal the body and burn it (respectfully, like cremation, not like a witch hunt.)

Suicide as a better option than being killed by another race of people. Why am I not surprised by the Bible’s racism?




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